Coventry Cathedral, Coventry

System 200

Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, United Kingdom

Coventry Cathedral is a poignant place of beauty where new and old come together to form a symbol of peace and reconciliation, attracting visitors from across the world. 2012 was the year during which the Cathedral celebrated its Golden Jubilee.  For the past 50 years it has been a place of worship and a centre for the promotion of education and the arts for both the local and worldwide communities. A welcoming space full of colour, light and movement where the artwork enhances the architecture.
50 years ago, following the near destruction of the original 14th century Cathedral in November 1940, Sir Basil Spence drew together the most celebrated and distinguished of the country’s artists and craftsmen, such as Sir Jacob Epstein, Graham Sutherland, John Piper, John Hutton, Geoffrey Clarke and Elisabeth Frink, to create a wealth of contemporary Christian art to adorn the newly rebuilt Cathedral - his “Casket of Jewels”. As part of its Jubilee celebrations, the Cathedral has commissioned a very special exhibition. “Journey into the Light” is a display of original sketches, models and design studies, many of which have never before been seen in public, and which formed the basis of the artists’ innovative and vibrant creations. The artwork of Coventry Cathedral is integral to the architecture of the building and the exhibition affords visitors the unique opportunity of viewing the creative journeys of the artists alongside their resulting masterpieces.
Panelock was honoured to offer its support to this magnificent exhibition by providing the display walls on to which many of the treasures, some quite sizeable, have been mounted. Placed around the aisles of the Cathedral, Panelock Gallery Display System 200 free standing units lead the visitor on their own journey of insight into the inspiration and thoughts behind the artwork from crosses, candlesticks, kneelers, vestments and tapestries to sculptures and windows.  We hope that many people both from Coventry and worldwide have been able to take inspiration from the ideas and creations of such accomplished and visionary artists.