Great Path Academy, CT

System 100

Great Path Academy, CT, U.S.A.

Panelock began work on this project in August 2007 with the architects Tai Soo Kim Partners (Marilyn Matczak) of Hartford, CT 06105. This was shortly after the ground breaking ceremony for the new building the architect designed for this new "magnet" school, embedded in the Manchester Community College Campus. At the time the firm was initiating work on the interior design phase of the project.

Their challenge was providing the school's Art Department and Administrators with easily relocatable display panels that would last and stand up to years of use and change! Panels that would complement the openness of the design structure and allow the flow of light to stream through the huge walls of windows without obstruction. Also they wanted to provide a place for the numerous flyers, leaflets and announcements normal for an active school environment with the hope of preventing them from being randomly placed and creating unwanted visual clutter. Panelock's System 100 provided the solution to all their objectives.

The Academy's Principal, Thomas Danehey, says he likes how easy it is to relocate the System 100s to where ever they are needed. He was initially a bit concerned as to whether the panels and a large group of highly energetic middle-schoolers would be "compatible". He is pleasantly surprised that they are!

As students and faculty move through the corridors and gathering places, System 100 provides them with an easy way to view their art and creative writing and those of their peers and to keep current on the notices and activities which make up daily life at The Great Path Academy."