System 400

Interactive Diagram

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Guide Track
  • The Panelock Gallery Display System 400 requires the installation of a non load-bearing overhead guide track.
  • The guide track is made from lightweight aluminium alloy and is used to guide display panels into position.
  • The configuration of the guide track will determine the flexibility of the system.
  • A lightweight support system can be installed for galleries with high ceilings.
Panel Relocation
  • Each display panel locates in the overhead guide by way of a “T” shaped spigot.
  • The weight of the panel is supported by the floor.
  • To move the panel, a removable key at the base of the panel is turned and the panel is raised from the floor on castor wheels.
  • The display panel can be moved anywhere along the line of the overhead guide track.
  • The panel is fixed in place using the key to simultaneously lower the panel and re-engage the locking system at the top of the display panel.
  • Once locked in place, the display panel can not be moved without the key.
Special Features

Panelock Gallery Display System 400 can incorporate additional display features such as:

  • Secure showcases
  • Electrical services
  • Lighting systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • Shelving units
  • CCTV
  • VDU screens
  • False ceilings
Panel Storage

Panels which are not in use can be stored in a customised storage area or along existing wall.

Showcases: Recessed and Face Mounted Solutions
  • Panels are of timber/aluminium frame construction.
  • The framework is maintenance free and is faced with 15mm standard MDF
    (or ZF - Zero Formaldehyde) and finished to customer specification.
  • Edge profiles are in specially extruded mill finish aluminium.
  • Overhead guide track - aluminium alloy specification 6005A Temper F25. Supplied in mill finish, but can be anodised, painted, colour coated and stove enamelled.