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The Complete Service

Panelock is more than just a manufacturer of display walls. Our team of designers are sympathetic to the practical difficulties faced by venues and relish the challenge of using their wealth of expertise and experience in providing viable suggestions at all stages from conception, through design stage to the final completion of a project. Ideally the requirements for display walls should be determined at design stage irrespective of whether new build or conversion of an existing space. However, we are happy to be of assistance at any time.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Approval

Foresight and Futureproofing

All too often budgets are tight and costs have to be kept to a minimum at fit out stage. However these are often false economies which leave a legacy of galleries not being as user friendly as they had been perceived at planning stage. Careful consideration should be given to such factors as:

  • TYPE

We will look at your exhibition space, discuss your aspirations and difficulties and advise on the System, or combination of Systems best suited to your requirements. All Panelock Systems are intended to give many years of reliable service, thus making them an economical and environmentally sound investment. We have installations dating back to 1980 that are still in perfect working order.

Let us turn your ideas into reality

Panelock have created a range of display systems that form the building blocks to enable you, using your own staff and creativity, to repeatedly reinvent your exhibition areas with a minimum of time and effort. Pivotal to the Panelock concept is the integrated castor wheel mechanism which gives all the Panelock products such flexibility and ease of movement. At the turn of a removable operating key, the screens are raised on wheels, relocated, and locked securely in their new position. With the addition of doorway and showcase units and the incorporation of lighting, VDU screens, security, CCTV and picture hanging systems, exhibition designers are unfettered by normal building constraints and free to maximise the potential of their gallery space.

Panelock prides itself on its friendly and efficient customer support, both before and after sale, and is able to give individual attention and work to critical deadlines by advancing or reorganising factory production. Full records of previous orders are retained, allowing systems to be added to at any time.