The Concept

Panelock are designers and manufacturers of moveable display walls for spaces including museums, art galleries, exhibitions, retail, schools and colleges

Panelock Display is a company recognised throughout the world as being at the forefront of display wall design and manufacture. The unique Panelock integral castor wheel mechanism is at the heart of all of our systems, giving them their flexibility and ease of movement.

The Panelock concept is to maximise the full potential of display areas by creating flexible, multi-functional spaces capable of hosting a diverse range of exhibitions and activities and thereby attracting new and wider audiences. Our walls are durable, versatile and allow the exhibition to determine the shape and mood of the space in which it is to be seen.


An exhibition space is a living place where things happen, where they change and where exhibits are displayed in the most sympathetic and informative way. The flexibility and ease of movement of our systems has revolutionised the way in which both permanent and temporary exhibitions can be mounted. With Panelock display screens you can give a new dimension and ambience to your exhibition space by creating rooms within rooms, guiding visitors along a desired route and drawing attention to or concealing aspects of an exhibition. Panelock’s innovative product designs, combined with simple operation, make it possible to meet the most demanding exhibition needs even with a limited number of staff.


Our range of museum quality moveable display walls, designed around the Panelock undercarriage mechanism, has been developed during many years of research and close consultation with exhibition designers and gallery staff.

Panelock display walls are designed to be re-used for successive exhibitions, eliminating constant expenditure on display wall construction and needless material wastage at the end of each exhibition. Panelock Systems are intended to give many years of reliable service, with the minimum of maintenance and simple, easy refurbishment, thus making them an economical and environmentally sound investment