System 400

Individual moveable display panels guided by an overhead track. The panel weight is always on the floor.

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Gallery Display System 400 is a unique system of individual composite display panels which can be raised on to their own integral castors and wheeled, guided by a lightweight aluminium non load-bearing purpose designed ceiling grid which is fixed to an existing ceiling or soffit. If the height of the gallery is excessive, a lightweight support system is installed to lower the guide track to a useable height.

Each gallery has different requirements and constraints and therefore, at the initial consultation stage Panelock will use its wealth of experience to ensure that the grid layout is well thought out and custom designed. Careful consideration is given to various factors such as existing building anomalies, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, amount and type of surface display area required, and available panel storage should a completely clear gallery be required. We would also make the essential provisions for disabled access, emergency escape routes and clear lines of vision for security staff and surveillance cameras.

The guide track layout is designed to give maximum flexibility in panel positioning and can support suspended ceilings and lighting, security and surveillance equipment. Unique multi-directional trolley units enable CCTV cameras to be moved around the guide track to ensure absolute security whatever the exhibition layout.The guide track and support system can be supplied either in its natural mill finish or painted to blend unobtrusively in with its background.

Additional track can be incorporated into the design to provide inconspicuous panel storage or the ability to conceal unsightly areas or windows when natural light is not required.

Panels consist of an aluminium frame usually faced with 15mm Medium Density Fibreboard and finished matt vinyl emulsion paint. Alternative face boards and finishes including Fire Rated or Zero Formaldehyde boards can replace the standard. Within the base of each panel is the unique Panelock castor wheel mechanism operated by a removable key. When the operating key is turned, the panel raises on to wheels and at the same time a retractable seal at the head of the panel closes in. The panel is automatically locked in its raised position and the operating key removed. The panel may then be wheeled along the floor. A spigot is constantly engaged within the guide track, ensuring the panel’s stability while in motion.

A purpose designed trolley is also available to further facilitate ease of movement. Once repositioned, the operating key is reinserted and the panel lowered to the floor, simultaneously expanding the top seal to thrust to the underside of the overhead guide track and locking the panel securely between floor and guide track. The panels can be locked in any position through 360º and can either stand alone or be linked to form continuous display walls. Door units can be incorporated allowing the exhibition space to be sub-divided or separate rooms created. Some exhibitions will require that delicate or valuable artefacts be securely displayed. Panelock can incorporate showcases in their panels and security systems can be concealed within.

Galleries are required to be functional, welcoming and to attract a new and diverse audience by providing a fresh visitor experience at each visit. Gallery Display System 400 has been designed to enable galleries to achieve the maximum utilisation of space and to mount varied and stimulating exhibitions on a regularly changing basis. The System offers the total flexibility to either open up the whole gallery or to close off areas in order to form more intimate spaces.


  • Secure showcases
  • Electrical services
  • Lighting systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • Shelving units
  • CCTV
  • VDU screens
  • False ceilings


  • The Panelock Gallery Display System 400 requires the installation of a non load-bearing overhead guide track.

  • The guide track is made from lightweight aluminium alloy and is used to guide display panels into position.

  • The configuration of the guide track will determine the flexibility of the system.
    A lightweight support system can be installed for galleries with high ceilings.


  • Each display panel locates in the overhead guide by way of a “T” shaped spigot.

  • The weight of the panel is supported by the floor.

  • To move the panel, a removable key at the base of the panel is turned and the panel is raised from the floor on castor wheels.

  • The display panel can be moved anywhere along the line of the overhead guide track.

  • The panel is fixed in place using the key to simultaneously lower the panel and re-engage the locking system at the top of the display panel.

  • Once locked in place, the display panel can not be moved without the key.


  • Panels are of timber/aluminium frame construction.

  • The framework is maintenance free and is faced with 12/15mm standard MDF (or ZF - Zero Formaldehyde) and finished to customer specification.

  • Edge profiles are in specially extruded mill finish aluminium.

  • Overhead guide track - aluminium alloy specification 6005A Temper F25. Supplied in mill finish, but can be powder coated or anodised to client's colour specification.

Material Specification

Overhead guide track specially extruded aluminium Section 55092Weight : 2.92 kg/lin.m. (1.96 lbs/lin.ft.). N.B See Track Profile downloads below
Panel FrameworkSpecially extruded aluminium section framework 60mm (2.36”) symmetrical
Standard panel : aluminium framed with MDF face boards and finishes to suit requirementsThickness without skirting: 90mm (3.54”)
Thickness with skirting: 100mm (3.9”)
Width (standard): 1200mm (48”)
Height: to suit project
Weight: 26kg/sq.m. (5.33 lbs/sq.ft.)
Integral patented retractable undercarriage unit
FinishesMatt White Vinyl emulsion or any other finish as may be required
Support SystemsOverhead non load bearing guide track can be fixed to existing soffit or suspended on Panelock adjustable supports
TrolleySpecially designed mild steel pyramid shaped trolley with rubber wheels to assist with panel relocation

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