Farmingdale State College, New York

System 200

Farmingdale State College, NY, U.S.A.

The Visual Arts Department of Farmingdale State College underwent a relocation on campus from one building to another. Happily they found themselves with a room to use for displaying student art work. The room itself afforded the department use of only two of the four walls for displaying art with the others taken up by windows and a wide entrance way. Farmingdale wanted maximum use of its new gallery.

Students in the department produce a multitude of creative projects over the course of the year. They include the traditional fine arts like paintings, sculpture and photography. They also produce commercial art - product and container packaging, signage, product designs, commercial and retail interior designs and displays for example! This eclectic combination required something very flexible to best serve the different needs each medium require. Panelock's System 200 fit the bill to perfection. With their System 200 units Farmingdale's Visual Arts Department continually re-invents the style of their treasured gallery and proudly puts the fruits of the creative genius at work at the College on display to the delight of all who visit!